May 27st All Events

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May 27th, 2008 (May 27 2008)DeathFranz Kunstler, Last remaining Austro-Hungarian Empire World War I veteran (born in 1900)
May 27th, 2007 (May 27 2007)DeathIzumi Sakai, Japanese singer (born in 1967)
May 27th, 2007 (May 27 2007)DeathEd Yost, American inventor (born in 1919)
May 27th, 2007 (May 27 2007)DeathGretchen Wyler, American actress (born in 1932)
May 27th, 2006 (May 27 2006)EventThe May 2006 Java earthquake strikes at 5:53:58 AM local time (22:53:58 UTC May 26) devastating Bantul and the city of Yogyakarta killing over 6,600 people.
May 27th, 2006 (May 27 2006)DeathCraig Heyward, American football player (born in 1966)
May 27th, 2006 (May 27 2006)DeathPaul Gleason, American actor (born in 1939)
May 27th, 2006 (May 27 2006)DeathAlex Toth, American cartoonist (born in 1928)
May 27th, 2006 (May 27 2006)DeathRob Borsellino, American columnist (born in 1949)
May 27th, 2006 (May 27 2006)DeathOduvil Unnikrishnan, Indian actor (born in 1944)
May 27th, 2003 (May 27 2003)DeathLuciano Berio, Italian composer (born in 1925)Luciano Berio Quotes
May 27th, 2001 (May 27 2001)DeathRamon Bieri, American actor (born in 1929)
May 27th, 2000 (May 27 2000)DeathCrawford Murray MacLehose of Beoch, British statesman (born in 1917)
May 27th, 2000 (May 27 2000)DeathMaurice Richard, Canadian hockey player (born in 1921)
May 27th, 2000 (May 27 2000)DeathKazimierz Leski, Polish engineer, fighter pilot, intelligence and counter-intelligence officer (born in 1912)
May 27th, 1999 (May 27 1999)EventThe International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague, Netherlands indicts Slobodan Milosevic and four others for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Kosovo.
May 27th, 1998 (May 27 1998)EventOklahoma City bombing: Michael Fortier is sentenced to 12 years in prison and fined $200,000 for failing to warn authorities about the terrorist plot.
May 27th, 1997 (May 27 1997)EventThe U.S. Supreme Court rules that Paula Jones can pursue her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Bill Clinton while he is in office.Bill Clinton Quotes
May 27th, 1997 (May 27 1997)EventA F5 tornado strikes Jarrell, Texas killing 27 people.
May 27th, 1996 (May 27 1996)EventFirst Chechnya War: Russian President Boris Yeltsin meets with Chechnyan rebels for the first time and negotiates a cease-fire.Boris Yeltsin Quotes
May 27th, 1995 (May 27 1995)EventIn Culpeper, Virginia, actor Christopher Reeve is paralyzed from the neck down after falling from his horse in a riding competition.Christopher Reeve Quotes
May 27th, 1993 (May 27 1993)DeathMary Philbin, American actress (born in 1903)
May 27th, 1993 (May 27 1993)DeathWerner Stocker, German actor (born in 1955)
May 27th, 1992 (May 27 1992)DeathUncle Charlie Osborne, American fiddler (born in 1890)
May 27th, 1991 (May 27 1991)DeathLeopold Nowak, Austrian musicologist (born in 1904)
May 27th, 1990 (May 27 1990)BirthEkaterina Zaikina, Russian figure-skater
May 27th, 1990 (May 27 1990)DeathRobert B. Meyner, American politician (born in 1908)
May 27th, 1989 (May 27 1989)DeathArseny Tarkovsky, Russian poet (born in 1907)
May 27th, 1987 (May 27 1987)DeathJohn Howard Northrop, American chemist, Nobel laureate (born in 1891)
May 27th, 1986 (May 27 1986)DeathIsma il Raji al-Faruqi, Palestinian-born philosopher (born in 1921) Philo Quotes
May 27th, 1985 (May 27 1985)BirthChien-Ming Chiang, Taiwanese baseball player
May 27th, 1984 (May 27 1984)BirthKalle Spjuth, Swedish bandy player
May 27th, 1984 (May 27 1984)BirthBlake Ahearn, NBA basketball player
May 27th, 1984 (May 27 1984)DeathVincent James McMahon, was a U.S. professional wrestling promoter.Vince McMahon Quotes
May 27th, 1983 (May 27 1983)BirthBobby Convey, American soccer player
May 27th, 1981 (May 27 1981)BirthOzgur Cevik, Turkish singer and actor
May 27th, 1981 (May 27 1981)BirthJohan Elmander, Swedish footballer
May 27th, 1981 (May 27 1981)BirthMiloy, Angolan footballer
May 27th, 1981 (May 27 1981)BirthFivos Constantinou, Cypriot distance runner
May 27th, 1980 (May 27 1980)EventThe Gwangju Massacre: Airborne and army troops of South Korea retake the city of Gwangju from civil militias, killing at least 207 and possibly many more.An Wang Quotes
May 27th, 1979 (May 27 1979)BirthMile Sterjovski, Australian footballer
May 27th, 1978 (May 27 1978)BirthAdin Brown, American soccer player
May 27th, 1977 (May 27 1977)BirthAbderrahmane Hammad, Algerian athlete
May 27th, 1977 (May 27 1977)BirthMahela Jayawardene, Sri Lankan cricketer
May 27th, 1977 (May 27 1977)BirthTommie van der Leegte, Dutch footballer
May 27th, 1976 (May 27 1976)BirthRJD2, American hip-hop producer
May 27th, 1976 (May 27 1976)BirthAnita Blonde, Hungarian porn star
May 27th, 1975 (May 27 1975)EventThe Dibble s Bridge coach crash near Grassington, North Yorkshire, England kills 32 (the highest ever death toll in a road accident in the United Kingdom).
May 27th, 1975 (May 27 1975)BirthAndre 3000, American musician (OutKast)
May 27th, 1975 (May 27 1975)BirthMichael Hussey, Australian cricketer
May 27th, 1975 (May 27 1975)BirthJadakiss, American rapper (The Lox)
May 27th, 1975 (May 27 1975)BirthJamie Oliver, British chef and television personalityJamie Oliver Quotes
May 27th, 1974 (May 27 1974)BirthDerek Webb, American singer and songwriter (Caedmon s Call)
May 27th, 1974 (May 27 1974)BirthDanny Wuerffel, American football player
May 27th, 1973 (May 27 1973)BirthJack McBrayer, American actor and comedian
May 27th, 1973 (May 27 1973)DeathP.Ramlee, Malaysian actor,singer and songwriter (born in 1922)
May 27th, 1972 (May 27 1972)BirthIvete Sangalo, Brazilian singer
May 27th, 1972 (May 27 1972)BirthTodd Demsey, American golfer
May 27th, 1971 (May 27 1971)EventThe Dahlerau train disaster, the worst railway accident in West Germany, kills 46 people and injures 25 near Wuppertal.
May 27th, 1971 (May 27 1971)BirthPaul Bettany, English actor
May 27th, 1971 (May 27 1971)BirthWayne Carey, Australian rules footballer
May 27th, 1971 (May 27 1971)BirthKaur Kender, Estonian author
May 27th, 1971 (May 27 1971)BirthLisa "Left Eye" Lopes, American singer (TLC) (died in 2002)
May 27th, 1971 (May 27 1971)BirthGlenn Ross, Northern Irish strongman
May 27th, 1971 (May 27 1971)BirthMonika Schnarre, Canadian model
May 27th, 1970 (May 27 1970)BirthTim Farron, British politician
May 27th, 1970 (May 27 1970)BirthJoseph Fiennes, English actor
May 27th, 1970 (May 27 1970)BirthMichele Bartoli, Italian cyclist
May 27th, 1970 (May 27 1970)BirthGlenn Quinn, Irish actor (died in 2002)
May 27th, 1969 (May 27 1969)BirthJeremy Mayfield, American race car driver
May 27th, 1969 (May 27 1969)BirthDondre Whitfield, American actor
May 27th, 1969 (May 27 1969)DeathJeffrey Hunter, American actor (born in 1926)
May 27th, 1968 (May 27 1968)EventThe meeting of the Union Nationale des Etudiants de France (National Union of the Students of France) takes place. 30,000 to 50,000 people gather in the Stade Sebastien Charlety.
May 27th, 1968 (May 27 1968)BirthJeff Bagwell, American baseball playerJeff Bagwell Quotes
May 27th, 1968 (May 27 1968)BirthFrank Thomas, American baseball playerThomas Frank Quotes
May 27th, 1967 (May 27 1967)EventAustralians vote in favor of a constitutional referendum granting the Australian government the power to make laws to benefit Indigenous Australians and to count them in the national census.
May 27th, 1967 (May 27 1967)EventThe U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) is christened by Jacqueline Kennedy and her daughter Caroline.John F. Kennedy Quotes
May 27th, 1967 (May 27 1967)BirthPaul Gascoigne, English footballer
May 27th, 1967 (May 27 1967)DeathErnst Niekisch, German politician (born in 1889)
May 27th, 1965 (May 27 1965)EventVietnam War: American warships begin the first bombardment of National Liberation Front targets within South Vietnam.
May 27th, 1965 (May 27 1965)BirthTodd Bridges, American actor
May 27th, 1964 (May 27 1964)BirthAdam Carolla, American comedian and television personalityAdam Carolla Quotes
May 27th, 1964 (May 27 1964)DeathJawaharlal Nehru, Indian politician (born in 1889)
May 27th, 1963 (May 27 1963)DeathGregoris Lambrakis, Greek physician and politician (born in 1912)
May 27th, 1962 (May 27 1962)BirthRay Borner, Australian basketball player
May 27th, 1962 (May 27 1962)BirthSteven Brill, American film writer and director
May 27th, 1961 (May 27 1961)BirthPeri Gilpin, American actress
May 27th, 1960 (May 27 1960)EventIn Turkey, a military coup removes President Celal Bayar and the rest of the democratic government from office.
May 27th, 1960 (May 27 1960)DeathJames Montgomery Flagg, American illustrator (born in 1877)
May 27th, 1958 (May 27 1958)EventThe F-4 Phantom II first flight.
May 27th, 1958 (May 27 1958)BirthNeil Finn, New Zealand singer and songwriter (Split Enz, Crowded House)
May 27th, 1958 (May 27 1958)BirthLinnea Quigley, American actress
May 27th, 1957 (May 27 1957)EventToronto s CHUM-AM, (1050 kHz) becomes Canada s first radio station to broadcast only top 40 Rock n Roll music format.
May 27th, 1957 (May 27 1957)BirthSiouxsie Sioux, English musician (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
May 27th, 1957 (May 27 1957)BirthDuncan Goodhew, English Olympic Games gold medalist swimmer
May 27th, 1956 (May 27 1956)BirthCynthia McFadden, American television anchor
May 27th, 1955 (May 27 1955)BirthRichard Schiff, American actor
May 27th, 1955 (May 27 1955)BirthEric Bischoff, American professional wrestling promoter
May 27th, 1954 (May 27 1954)BirthPauline Hanson, Australian politician
May 27th, 1954 (May 27 1954)BirthJackie Slater, American football player
May 27th, 1953 (May 27 1953)DeathJesse Burkett, American baseball player (born in 1868)
May 27th, 1951 (May 27 1951)BirthAna Belen, Spanish singer and actress
May 27th, 1949 (May 27 1949)DeathRobert Ripley, American cartoonist (Ripley s Believe It or Not!) (born in 1890)Robert Ley Quotes
May 27th, 1948 (May 27 1948)BirthWubbo de Boer, Dutch civil servant
May 27th, 1947 (May 27 1947)BirthBranko Oblak, Slovenian footballer
May 27th, 1947 (May 27 1947)DeathEd Konetchy, American baseball player (born in 1885)
May 27th, 1946 (May 27 1946)BirthLewis Collins, English actor
May 27th, 1946 (May 27 1946)BirthNiels-Henning Orsted Pedersen, Danish musician (died in 2005)
May 27th, 1945 (May 27 1945)BirthBruce Cockburn, Canadian musician
May 27th, 1944 (May 27 1944)BirthChristopher Dodd, American politician
May 27th, 1944 (May 27 1944)BirthAlain Souchon, French singer and songwriter
May 27th, 1943 (May 27 1943)BirthCilla Black, English singer and presenter
May 27th, 1943 (May 27 1943)BirthBruce Weitz, American actor
May 27th, 1942 (May 27 1942)EventWorld War II: In Operation Anthropoid Reinhard Heydrich is assassinated in Prague.Reinhard Heydrich Quotes
May 27th, 1942 (May 27 1942)BirthLee Baca, American law enforcement official
May 27th, 1941 (May 27 1941)EventWorld War II: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaims an "unlimited national emergency".
May 27th, 1941 (May 27 1941)EventWorld War II: The German battleship Bismarck is sunk in the North Atlantic killing almost 2,100 men.
May 27th, 1941 (May 27 1941)DeathGunther Lutjens, German admiral, died in sinking of the German battleship Bismarck (born in 1889)
May 27th, 1941 (May 27 1941)DeathErnst Lindemann, German captain, died in sinking of the German battleship Bismarck (born in 1894)
May 27th, 1940 (May 27 1940)EventWorld War II: In the Le Paradis massacre, 97 soldiers from a Royal Norfolk Regiment unit are shot after surrendering to German troops.
May 27th, 1939 (May 27 1939)EventDC Comics publishes its second superhero in Detective Comics #27; he is Batman, one of the most topical comic book superheroes of all time.
May 27th, 1939 (May 27 1939)BirthSocratis Kokkalis, Greek businessman
May 27th, 1937 (May 27 1937)EventIn California, the Golden Gate Bridge opens to pedestrian traffic, creating a vital link between San Francisco and Marin County, California.
May 27th, 1937 (May 27 1937)BirthAllan Carr, American film producer and writer (died in 1999)
May 27th, 1936 (May 27 1936)BirthLouis Gossett Jr., American actor
May 27th, 1936 (May 27 1936)BirthMarcel Masse, Canadian politician
May 27th, 1935 (May 27 1935)EventNew Deal: The Supreme Court of the United States declares the National Industrial Recovery Act to be unconstitutional in A.L.A. Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States, (295 U.S. 495).
May 27th, 1935 (May 27 1935)BirthLee Meriwether, Miss America and actress
May 27th, 1935 (May 27 1935)BirthRamsey Lewis, American pianist
May 27th, 1935 (May 27 1935)BirthMal Evans, British Beatles assistant (died in 1976) Evans Quotes
May 27th, 1934 (May 27 1934)BirthHarlan Ellison, American authorHarlan Ellison Quotes
May 27th, 1933 (May 27 1933)EventNew Deal: The U.S. Federal Securities Act is signed into law requiring the registration of securities with the Federal Trade Commission.
May 27th, 1933 (May 27 1933)EventThe Walt Disney Company releases the cartoon The Three Little Pigs, with its hit song "Who s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"Walt Disney Quotes
May 27th, 1933 (May 27 1933)EventThe Century of Progress World s Fair opens in Chicago, Illinois.
May 27th, 1933 (May 27 1933)BirthTed Rogers, Canadian entrepreneur
May 27th, 1930 (May 27 1930)EventThe 1,046-foot (319-meter) Chrysler Building in New York City, the tallest man-made structure at the time, opens to the public.
May 27th, 1930 (May 27 1930)BirthJohn Barth, American novelist
May 27th, 1930 (May 27 1930)BirthWilliam S. Sessions, American director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
May 27th, 1927 (May 27 1927)EventThe Ford Motor Company ceases manufacturing the Ford Model T and begins to retool plants to make Ford Model As.
May 27th, 1926 (May 27 1926)DeathSrecko Kosovel, Slovenian poet (born in 1904)
May 27th, 1925 (May 27 1925)BirthTony Hillerman, American writer
May 27th, 1923 (May 27 1923)BirthHenry Kissinger, United States Secretary of State, recipient of the Nobel Peace PrizeHenry Kissinger Quotes
May 27th, 1923 (May 27 1923)BirthSumner Redstone, American entrepreneur
May 27th, 1922 (May 27 1922)BirthChristopher Lee, English actor
May 27th, 1921 (May 27 1921)BirthCaryl Chessman, American robber and rapist (died in 1960)
May 27th, 1919 (May 27 1919)EventThe NC-4 aircraft arrives in Lisbon after completing the first transatlantic flight.
May 27th, 1919 (May 27 1919)DeathKandukuri Veeresalingam, Indian social activist (born in 1848)
May 27th, 1918 (May 27 1918)BirthYasuhiro Nakasone, Japanese politician
May 27th, 1915 (May 27 1915)BirthHerman Wouk, American writerHerman Wouk Quotes
May 27th, 1913 (May 27 1913)BirthWols, German painter (died in 1951)
May 27th, 1912 (May 27 1912)BirthJohn Cheever, American author (died in 1982)John Cheever Quotes
May 27th, 1912 (May 27 1912)BirthSam Snead, American golfer (died in 2002)
May 27th, 1912 (May 27 1912)BirthTerry Moore, American baseball player (died in 1995)
May 27th, 1911 (May 27 1911)BirthHubert H. Humphrey, American politician (died in 1978)
May 27th, 1911 (May 27 1911)BirthTeddy Kollek, Austrian-born Israeli politician (died in 2007)
May 27th, 1911 (May 27 1911)BirthVincent Price, American actor (died in 1993)
May 27th, 1910 (May 27 1910)DeathRobert Koch, German physician, Nobel laureate (born in 1843)
May 27th, 1908 (May 27 1908)EventMaulana Hakeem Noor-ud-Din iss elected the first Khalifa of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
May 27th, 1907 (May 27 1907)EventA Bubonic plague outbreak begins in San Francisco, California.
May 27th, 1907 (May 27 1907)BirthRachel Carson, American biologist and science writer (died in 1964)Rachel Carson Quotes
May 27th, 1905 (May 27 1905)EventRusso-Japanese War: The Battle of Tsushima begins.
May 27th, 1904 (May 27 1904)BirthChuhei Nambu, Japanese athlete (died in 1997)
May 27th, 1900 (May 27 1900)BirthUladzimir Zylka, Belarusian poet (died in 1933)
May 27th, 1897 (May 27 1897)BirthJohn Cockcroft, British physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1967)
May 27th, 1896 (May 27 1896)EventThe F4-strength St. Louis-East St. Louis Tornado hits in St. Louis, Missouri and East Saint Louis, Illinois, killing at least 255 people and causing $2.9 billion in damages (1997 USD).
May 27th, 1896 (May 27 1896)DeathAleksandr Grigorievich Stoletov, Russian physicist (born in 1839)
May 27th, 1895 (May 27 1895)EventOscar Wilde is imprisoned for sodomy.Oscar Wilde Quotes
May 27th, 1894 (May 27 1894)BirthLouis-Ferdinand Celine, French writer (died in 1961)Louis-Ferdinand Celine Quotes
May 27th, 1894 (May 27 1894)BirthDashiell Hammett, American author (died in 1961)
May 27th, 1893 (May 27 1893)BirthHermann Dornemann, German supercentarian (died in 2005)
May 27th, 1891 (May 27 1891)BirthClaude Champagne, French-Canadian composer (died in 1965)
May 27th, 1888 (May 27 1888)BirthLouis Durey, French composer (died in 1979)
May 27th, 1884 (May 27 1884)BirthMax Brod, Austrian author (died in 1968)
May 27th, 1883 (May 27 1883)EventAlexander III is crowned Tsar of Russia.
May 27th, 1879 (May 27 1879)BirthHans Lammers, German SS officer (died in 1962)
May 27th, 1878 (May 27 1878)BirthIsadora Duncan, American dancer (died in 1927)
May 27th, 1876 (May 27 1876)BirthFerdynand Antoni Ossendowski, Polish writer (died in 1945)
May 27th, 1871 (May 27 1871)BirthGeorges Rouault, French painter and graphic artist (died in 1958)
May 27th, 1867 (May 27 1867)BirthArnold Bennett, British novelist (died in 1931)Arnold Bennett Quotes
May 27th, 1864 (May 27 1864)BirthAnte Trumbic, Croatian politician (died in 1938)
May 27th, 1860 (May 27 1860)EventGiuseppe Garibaldi begins his attack on Palermo, Sicily, as part of the Italian Unification.
May 27th, 1860 (May 27 1860)BirthManuel Teixeira Gomes, 7th President of Portugal (died in 1941)
May 27th, 1849 (May 27 1849)EventThe Great Hall of Euston station in London is opened.
May 27th, 1840 (May 27 1840)DeathNiccolo Paganini, Italian violinist and composer (born in 1782)
May 27th, 1837 (May 27 1837)BirthWild Bill Hickok, American gunfighter (died in 1876)
May 27th, 1837 (May 27 1837)BirthIvan Kramskoi, Russian painter (died in 1887)
May 27th, 1836 (May 27 1836)BirthJay Gould, American financier (died in 1892)
May 27th, 1831 (May 27 1831)DeathJedediah Smith, American explorer (born in 1799)
May 27th, 1827 (May 27 1827)BirthSamuel F. Miller, American politician (died in 1892)
May 27th, 1820 (May 27 1820)BirthMathilde Bonaparte, French princess and socialite (died in 1904)
May 27th, 1819 (May 27 1819)BirthJulia Ward Howe, American composer (died in 1910)Julia Ward Howe Quotes
May 27th, 1818 (May 27 1818)BirthAmelia Bloomer, American suffragette (died in 1894)
May 27th, 1813 (May 27 1813)EventWar of 1812: In Canada, American forces capture Fort George.
May 27th, 1812 (May 27 1812)EventSouth American Wars of Independence: In Bolivia, the Battle of La Coronilla, in which the women from Cochabamba fight against the Spanish army.
May 27th, 1798 (May 27 1798)EventThe Battle of Oulart Hill takes place in Wexford, Ireland.
May 27th, 1797 (May 27 1797)DeathFrancois-Noel Babeuf, French revolutionary (born in 1760)
May 27th, 1794 (May 27 1794)BirthCornelius Vanderbilt, American entrepreneur (died in 1877)
May 27th, 1781 (May 27 1781)DeathGiovanni Battista Beccaria, Italian physicist (born in 1716)
May 27th, 1756 (May 27 1756)BirthKing Maximilian I of Bavaria (died in 1825)
May 27th, 1738 (May 27 1738)BirthNathaniel Gorham, American politician (died in 1796)
May 27th, 1707 (May 27 1707)DeathMarquise de Montespan, French mistress of Louis XIV of France (born in 1640) Louis XIV of France Quotes
May 27th, 1703 (May 27 1703)EventTsar Peter the Great founds the city of Saint Petersburg.
May 27th, 1702 (May 27 1702)DeathDominique Bouhours, French critic (born in 1628)
May 27th, 1690 (May 27 1690)DeathGiovanni Legrenzi, Italian composer (born in 1626)
May 27th, 1675 (May 27 1675)DeathGaspard Dughet, French painter (born in 1613)
May 27th, 1661 (May 27 1661)DeathArchibald Campbell, Scottish religious dissident (born in 1607)
May 27th, 1652 (May 27 1652)BirthLiselotte von der Pfalz, Duchess of Orleans (died in 1722)
May 27th, 1651 (May 27 1651)BirthLouis-Antoine, Cardinal de Noailles, French cardinal (died in 1729)
May 27th, 1647 (May 27 1647)EventPeter Stuyvesant was inaugurated as Director-General of New Netherland.
May 27th, 1626 (May 27 1626)BirthWilliam II, Prince of Orange (died in 1650)
May 27th, 1623 (May 27 1623)BirthWilliam Petty, English scientist and philosopher (died in 1687) Philo Quotes
May 27th, 1615 (May 27 1615)DeathMarguerite de Valois, queen of Henry IV of France (born in 1553)
May 27th, 1610 (May 27 1610)DeathFrancois Ravaillac, French assassin of Henry IV of France (born in 1578)
May 27th, 1601 (May 27 1601)BirthAntoine Daniel, Jesuit missionary and martyr (died in 1648)
May 27th, 1576 (May 27 1576)BirthCaspar Schoppe, German scholar (died in 1649)
May 27th, 1564 (May 27 1564)DeathJohn Calvin, French religious reformer (born in 1509)John Calvin Quotes
May 27th, 1541 (May 27 1541)DeathMargaret Pole, 8th Countess of Salisbury (born in 1473)
May 27th, 1525 (May 27 1525)DeathThomas Muentzer, German rebel leader
May 27th, 1519 (May 27 1519)BirthGirolamo Mei, Italian historian (died in 1594)
May 27th, 1508 (May 27 1508)DeathLudovico Sforza, Duke of Milan (born in 1452)
May 27th, 1444 (May 27 1444)DeathJohn Beaufort, 1st Duke of Somerset, English military leader (born in 1404)
May 27th, 1332 (May 27 1332)BirthIbn Khaldun, Arab historian (died in 1406)
May 27th, 1328 (May 27 1328)EventPhilip VI is crowned King of France.
May 27th, 1153 (May 27 1153)EventMalcolm IV becomes King of Scotland.
May 27th, 1120 (May 27 1120)EventRichard III of Capua is anointed as prince two weeks before his untimely death.
May 27th, 1039 (May 27 1039)DeathDirk III, Count of Holland
May 27th, 0927 (May 27 0927)EventBattle of the Bosnian Highlands: Simeon I of Bulgaria is defeated by King Tomislav of Croatia.
May 27th, 0927 (May 27 0927)DeathTsar Simeon I of Bulgaria (born in 864 or 865)
May 27th, 0866 (May 27 0866)DeathOrdono I of Asturias, King of Asturias (born in 831)
May 27th, 0735 (May 27 0735)DeathBede, English historian and theologian (born in 672 or 673) Bede Quotes
May 27th, 0366 (May 27 0366)DeathProcopius, Roman usurper (born in 326)

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